Contract Disputes

Contracts are part of our everyday lives. When contracts go sour and one or more parties fail to fulfill their end of the bargain then court intervention may be needed and Levi Lawrence Wilkes, Attorney at Law, PLLC is here to help you at every step of the way. To resolve a contract dispute, courts will generally examine the following issues:

The Content

What, specifically, does the contract or agreement say? Are any clauses contained in the contract contradicting or ambiguous? Were there multiple drafts of the agreement? Who prepared the contract?  What is the level of sophistication of the respective parties? History of the parties?  If there is no written agreement, can the oral agreement be enforced?

Circumstances of the Dispute.

How did the alleged breach occur? Did this breach negatively impact the plaintiff, financially or otherwise? Was notice of the breach communicated? Might the past and present relationship between the plaintiff and defendant explain the dispute?

Applicable law.

Many contracts can require that disputes be handled in particular courts, under specific laws, also known as choice of law and choice of venue clauses.  Certain provisions may also require parties to submit their dispute to arbitration.  A lawyer should know which laws might apply.  Are there precedent cases that might have bearing? If so, what was the results in those cases?

Levi Lawrence Wilkes, Attorney at Law, PLLC represents plaintiffs in contract disputes of all shapes and sizes and strives to get the best results for you, your family, and your business.  We scrutinize the contract in question and design a strategy to achieve the best outcome for you, whether that means meaningful negotiation or litigation. We will also introduce you to tools and best practices, so you can avoid similar disputes in the future.