Hannon v. ABCD Holdings, LLC

(United States First Circuit) – In a Chapter 11 case, the debtor’s appeal of the District Court’s decision affirming the Bankruptcy Court’s denial of petition for discharge of bankruptcy pursuant to 11 U.S.C. section 727(a)(4)(A) is affirmed where debtor made false material statements with respect to disbursements made on his behalf by third parties during the bankruptcy proceeding.

Deocampo v. Potts

(United States Ninth Circuit) – In an action against Vallejo police officers and others asserting excessive-force and other constitutional claims under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 and state law, the district court’s denial of a Rule 60 motion for relief from judgment is affirmed where neither a judgment against individual City of Vallejo police officers for excessive force nor a subsequent attorney’s fee award in favor of plaintiffs was discharged by the City of Vallejo’s bankruptcy proceedings.

Picerne Constr. Corp. v. Castellino Villas, LLP

(United States Ninth Circuit) – In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the district court’s affirmance of the bankruptcy court’s order, denying a motion for post-discharge attorneys’ fees arising from state court litigation filed by the plaintiff against the debtor, is affirmed where attorneys’ fees incurred by the plaintiff during litigation after confirmation of the debtor’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan were discharged by that bankruptcy.