In Re Rick H. Reynolds

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Reversing the decision of the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel following the California Supreme Court’s opinion answering a certified question regarding whether the creditors of the beneficiary of a spendthrift trust may reach the trust distributions and holding that the bankruptcy estate is entitled to the full amount of distributions due to be paid as of the date of the bankruptcy petition, but not any portion needed for support or education as long as the trust so specifies.

In Re Pedro Lopez Munoz

(United States First Circuit) – Affirming the bankruptcy court’s decision denying a creditor’s motion to appoint a trustee for the bankruptcy estate to replace the debtor in possession of the estate because the petitioner for trusteeship failed to bear the burden of establishing the appointment’s necessity, given the facts of the case.

In Re AE Liquidation, Inc.

(United States Third Circuit) – Affirming the judgments of the District and Bankruptcy court that an employer unaware of the likelihood of the closure of a business and the associated layoffs was not liable for failing to give its employees requisite notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.