In Re SemCrude L.P.

(United States Third Circuit) – Affirming a summary judgment for downstream purchasers of oil in a Chapter 11 case where the downstream purchasers took measures to protect themselves against the company’s insolvency while oil producers failed to do so, holding that the precautions taken by the downstream purchasers did not entitle the oil producers to the full repayment received by the downstream purchasers.

Vargas-Colon v. Fundacion Damas, Inc.

(United States First Circuit) – Affirming district court judgments for the defendants in a procedurally and factually complicated claim involving the bankruptcy of a hospital liable to the plaintiff and other parties for settlements of medical malpractice claims because claims presented by the disabled child’s brothers lacked allegations that could support their claims and the primary plaintiff failed to challenge either ground invoked by the district court in its dismissal.

In Re World Imports

(United States Third Circuit) – Reversing and remanding a Bankruptcy Court decision stating that constructive possession occurred when goods were shipped, finding that the creditor’s ability to recover as a priority administrative expense the value of goods received by the debtor within 20 days before the filing of a bankruptcy petition is limited to items in the physical possession of the buyer within that period. Because the goods at issue were received within this 20 day window the goods were subject to the bankruptcy despite having been shipped more than 20 days before the filing by common carrier.