Quincy Medical Center v. Gupta

(United States First Circuit) – In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case involving a hospital debtor, the district court’s ruling that the bankruptcy court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over former-executive-plaintiffs’ post-confirmation claims for severance payments against the purchaser of debtors’ assets is affirmed where the bankruptcy court had no jurisdiction.

In re: Klaas

(United States Third Circuit) – In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case presenting two questions of first impression, the district court’s decision affirming the bankruptcy court’s judgment is affirmed where: 1) bankruptcy courts do have discretion to grant a brief grace period and discharge debtors who cure an arrearage in their payment plan shortly after the expiration of the plan term; and 2) the Bankruptcy Court did not abuse its discretion in granting a grace period here.

In re Sunnyslope Housing Ltd. Partnership

(United States Ninth Circuit) – In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the district court’s decision affirming the Chapter 11 plan of reorganization is affirmed where the bankruptcy court did not err in approving the debtor’s plan of reorganization and valuing the collateral assuming its continued use after reorganization as low-income housing.

Demetrius v. Transport Workers Union of Am.

(United States Ninth Circuit) – In two consolidated actions brought under the Railway Labor Act, alleging a union’s breach of the duty of fair representation in the decision to distribute the proceeds of a bankruptcy settlement to all of its members unevenly, the district court’s dismissal of the actions is affirmed where there was no breach of duty because the union’s conduct was not arbitrary, discriminatory, or in bad faith.